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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 19, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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i think they may be that reason that you may never see socials in the united states. be sure to tweet it to us that is it for this week's show. >> good evening everybody. the crisis at the southern border worsens as a new caravan of 2000 hondurans have begun their planned track for guatemala to the border of mexico. capitol hill in disarray with chaos of their own making still holding the government hostage as they pushed their radical agenda of open borders and unfettered illegal immigration. honduran officials are warning the migrants that the left caravan organizers have lied to them from the onset. for their own political
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purposes.>> we think that we are giving you a hope comments on them they can come with their kids they tell if you take your kids it is easier to enter the usa and easier for you to get asylum. so the exposed the family don't care because asked him for money. everything they have they go to the journey. >> tonight we take the presidents efforts to build the wall to help end the crisis. there is to overrun our southern border. illegal aliens, drug and sex trafficking and the entry of terrace into the nine states, will it threaten the nation? we take all of this up with a former secret service agent. dan bongino with us tonight. and the president stays focused on american security. the radical dimms sewing more
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confusion within their own party. house speaker nancy pelosi. asking president trump to postpone the state of the union until the shutdown is ended. she claims, she has only concerned about security but there is a different story now has materialized that sounds very much like the truth. the dimms by the way quickly lost control of this because political gamesmanship and their own messaging. nancy pelosi orchestrating widening cast among the dimms for the call to postpone the state of the union.known more confused than her number one deputy house majority leader, here he is plainly saying, the speech is off completely. >> the speaker is the one who invites the president to speak in the joint session and she has said as long as government shutdown we are not going to be doing business as usual. >> so the state of the union is off? >> the state of the union is off.
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>> what if the president i don't know, responds with, no, he wants to keep the date. any chance that he could convince you otherwise? >> no. >> he then tried to walk back his emphatic straightforward answers claiming that he did not actually read nancy pelosi letter to the president. with the lack of communication amongst the leadership, is there any hope that the radical dimms will estimate the presidents demands to build a wall? two republican congressmen, two leaders of the republican party on capitol hill, jeff gordon and matt gates join us tonight to take up this building chaos within the house democratic conference, our top story. the radical dimms remain obstinate in their obstruction and prevention of providing the united states with protection on our southern border. despite his good faith efforts to work with the dimms,
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president trump has been met with nothing but indifference and resistance from the likes of nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. the presidents frustration with the leadership today showing a bit, the president tweeted this. it is becoming more and more obvious that the radical democrats are a party of open borders and they want nothing to do with the major humanitarian crisis on our southern border. # 2020. the president's tweet as 2000 central american migrants, most from honduras, are moving through guatemala toward the southern border of mexico toward the united states. but despite the obvious critical need for the construction of the border wall, one that will end the influx of drugs, human and sex trafficking, criminal illegal immigrants, the dimms stay focused on political gamesmanship and gambits. nancy pelosi today sent a letter to the present s and that he postpone the state of
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the union because of what she calls, security concerns. >> this is a special event. this is a housekeeping matter. [inaudible] >> nancy pelosi based her concerns and her reaction and a call to postpone the president 's speech partly based on the communication with one former official of one unnamed agency. however, department of homeland security officials tell fox news today, that not a single democratic leader asked about the safety of those attending the presidents state of the union address. they noted in fact that the secret service stands ready for the event. as always. joining us tonight, congressman
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jim jordan. make a member of the house oversight committee, member of judiciary committee. cofounder of the influential house freedom caucus. congressman, great to have you with us. democratic party, looks like it is in total disarray. it is stunning what they are doing. >> if you need any more proof that they are more focused on stopping the president than in helping the country, this is it. the speaker of the house doesn't invite or diss invites the commander-in-chief, the president of the united states of america, not to come give the state of the union address? this is unbelievable. and you couple that with what happened yesterday when the president invited democrats to the white house to talk about getting a solution, building a border security wall, figuring out how we can negotiate this to some, vent and they did not show up. they are not showing up and now not inviting the present to give the annual state of the union address. this is how much there focused on stopping the president and how little there focused on what we need to be doing which
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is helping the country. >> it looks like that this just blow up in nancy pelosi 's face. this shallow, i mean really contemptuous gambit on her part.>> yeah. and i think what really will matter in these close districts would democrats barely beat republican, like the oklahoma city district, joe cunningham who won the seat in south carolina. i think constituents in those districts are going to start telling their member, wait a minute. go talk to the president. have the state of the union like we always do in this country. go tell your leadership to sit down with the president. let's figure out how to build the border security wall and actually help the country. >> are you at least surprised? >> a little. >> the nancy pelosi did not at least have interest in with the secret service and department of homeland security had to say about security since she used that as her excuse to be as insulting as she knew how to
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be? >> not really. remember today's left. they applaud colin kaepernick when he disrespects our flag. they embrace governor cuomo when he says america was never that great. a chairman maxine water was she says go and harass anyone that supports the president. this is today's left. this is the first being hearing they're doing. they inviting a convicted felon, michael,, into address congress be one of the things is going to prison for that he lied to congress. from this group, nothing should surprise us.but i guess deep down it does little because it is the state of the union address. >> i also got should withdraw the question. but i just, frankly -- i cannot believe the politics of the left. and there indifference to what was once their base! working men and women, middle-class americans, small business! they have sold out to i guess illegal immigrants.various special interest. >> how about the union workers
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in youngstown ohio? union workers in pittsburgh pennsylvania, -- >> trump democrats.>> exactly! i gave a speech before the election youngstown and there were 500 people who showed up at this republican event in youngstown ohio. how about those? they want a wall built. they know what's good for the nation. they know they want the president to keep fighting hard to make sure that happens. >> i want to take up if we make, very quickly here. the link that you and congressman mark meadows have sent seeking more information about the criminal case against james baker. the former general counsel of the fbi. where you had here?>> this is the top lawyer at the fbi, chief counsel, general counsel. jim baker. james comey and mccabe's man.
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we do not know exactly what all the details and the parameters of this investigation are but his lawyer told us in the deposition, he is under investigation and that is why they could not answer, jim baker could not answer certain questions mark and i had for him in the deposition. we want to know more but the key is this, andrew mccabe, deputy director of the fbi, jim baker, chief counsel of the fbi, two of the ringleaders the whole effort to go after the president, both under investigation both at the fbi , mccabe was fired, baker was demoted and then left. then lisa paige and peter strzok also demoted and fired at the fbi. those were the four ringleaders in this whole sordid affair. we want to get the answers and that's why we continue to push. >> we should point out that despite all, that none of those people you just enumerated, have been punished for what is obviously, as you say, we hope. but to this point, not punished in any way for their abuse of power. and just flaunting the law and regulations of the two most
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agencies and law enforcement. carla's been jim jordan, always great to have you with us. >> take care buddy. >> you two. up next, the left media praising nancy pelosi call to stop or two and, who knows, the presidents state of the union address. >> the chief is power now, this is up to her. >> the democratic base, i'm sure that her caucus is thrilled by that kind of a show of force. >> we are seeing turn after turn after turn, president trump underestimating nancy pelosi. >> is this nancy pelosi trolling trump? >> yes, to a jury gate. she is certainly reminding him that it is her domain.
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>> there isn't the security that there should be. it could be very dangerous. >> the speaker is basically saying, not in my house, not on my watch. as long as a government shutdown. >>. [laughter], lovely!that and much more after the break. dan bongino joins us. stay with us, we will be right back. ...once a day... ...with nutrients that support 6 vital functions... ...and one healthy you. that's the power of one a day. >> an executive at the air
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traffic controllers union irresponsibly claiming the
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government shutdown has made flying less safe than a month ago. the faa contradicted those comments saying immediately quote - the traveling public can be assured donations airspace system is safe. joining us tonight, dan bongino, former secret service agents. author and extra ordinary talent of silver screen and whatever other screen you happen to see him on. good to see you on our screen tonight. >> thanks, good to be here. >> was turned to this nonsense right now. of a president having to contend with democratic party that is clearly trying to obstruct everything he does. the temerity of house speaker to sit there and effectively lie about for security concerns, not having talked to the secret service of the department of homeland security, it is astonishing!
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let's point out the obvious, first peter let you find it ironic my friend, nancy pelosi wants to shut down the state of the union for a lack of security with the dreaded air quotes? aperture said nothing about the border when there is no security at all. like is the irony has that jumped out anyone in the media? let me say this as a former secret service as well. this is disgusting. this is a disgraceful conversation. i know that you met secret service agents in the past. these are the finest men and women i've ever worked with in my life. on it work there, they don't pay me to say this i been gone for a long time. it was an honor to work with them. these are not mercenaries! they are not sitting there waiting for paycheck to get
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their job done. they put themselves in line of fire every single day because they love this country and they are patriots, not politicians, nancy pelosi owes them a heartfelt apology and it better be legitimate because it's disgraceful. >> you watch a huge line form. not many will expected and i know the secret service agents that put up with and i would just say this, i've seen secret service agents put up with a lot of personalities. that i'm not entirely sure how the training works but it does work and their absolute gentlemen as well as being courageous and skilled at protecting the president and everyone else in the assignment. let's turn to, if we may, the idea that we have another caravan coming north. the mexican government is apparently permitting its transport through the heart of mexico through the southern border. and you have got a pelosi led democratic chaos called a party that is refusing to secure the
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nation. this president, what is he to do? >> think about it, why would caravans not come? we do nothing about it. the president has taken a stand but the democrats are clearly committed at this point to outrageous talking points and open borders. think about this, how many times have you heard on television in the past week, the absolutely absurd statement that walls don't work? i was on fox last night i debated with a friend of mine and said walls don't work because they can build tunnels. i said why would they -- >> woman i want to write this down. liberal friends -- [laughter] don't hold it against me!the argument was, they build tunnels because there is a wall! i said, don't you get the point? that is what an obstruction does? that is what a physical barrier does? or they can get a ladder! you know you can get a pic for a doorlock too, it doesn't mean you have to not put a lock on
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the door! it is an obstruction. these conversations are so ridiculous. we are all dumber for having appeared but liberals insist. >> but it was your idea to talk to that liberal, not mine! [laughter] >> i like debating! i can say this, as a friend and a guy i respect i know we are on the right side of this. when you are debating on the right side all they have his focus groups talking points. we have the truth. >> we have the truth and most of the president of the united states who is on the right side of every major issue facing this country. he has already demonstrated in the first two years in office, he is an historic president and what he's achieved. the american man and woman, to sit there and watch the democratic party behave like this, how can they possibly feel that they are the base? that there even the calculus on the part of these shallow, indifferent, so-called leaders of the democratic party. there is only one president.
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working for men and women, families, the middle class, middle class families. he said he's going to work for all americans and guess what? unemployment rates have fallen for every single demographic. historically low levels. and i don't quite understand how anyone in this country now can think about voting for a democrat. >> the president frightens them to death because he simply is not interested in the favorite game. he does need their money, he doesn't need their pr. but he does need one thing. he needs his base and the people that got him elected. and this president knows that and other presidents of the past couldn't have cared any less if they had to expand, this president cares about the people who voted him into office. you know what? it is a novel in politics? sad to say but is true.
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>> not only does he need his base and obviously, they need him. but what is exciting to me, even in the midst of this pivotal moment in american history is that this president has an opportunity to reach out. to democrats, to what was once the left in this country. and bring them into the trump middle, if you will. he's a man expanding his base. while the democrats are shunning the very people that constituted the constituency of the democratic party for decades. no more. >> we've already seen that the electoral college votes speak for themselves. a state called by republicans, fools gold forever because republicans chase it only to be stymied typically. who wins? donald j trump figured out a way to talk to the people and it frightens the hell out of the democrats too. >> we do have to discount one thing.they seem to be easily frightened, so we won't
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overanalyze that. i appreciate you being here. >> thank you. >> a witness in the trial of el chapo guzman claims a drug lord paid the former mixing present $100 million bribe in order to qualify manhunt for guzman. the witness claims it el chapo as he is known, give the former present the bribe in 2012. right before he took office. they denied receiving any bribes in a spokesperson for the former president called the allegations quote - false and defamatory. the former president, also accused of accepting bribes during his presidency as a matter fact nearly every mexican president over the last 40 years, has been accused of bribery and corruption. wonder what you think pair
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share your thoughts, follow me on twitter @loudobbs, lechner facebook, follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. cory lewandowski joins me right after these messages. stay with us. to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪ >> as the national left-wing
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media and radical dimms continued to push the incredible nonsense, the false narrative of /loudobbstonight/russia collision, yes, they are still pushing the nonsense. maybe we should ask them questions. why is it known at the fbi is investigating james comey? or andrew mccabe? for what looks like the conduct of double agents? at the fbi. do those at the fbi also figures deputy attorney general rod rosenstein who is actually the one who called for james comey to be fired? he has to be a double agent, don't you think? maybe triple! why was no collusion investigation when former president obama 's
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administration aligned themselves with iran giving $115 billion, clearing the way for the nuclear weapon development?the largest state-sponsored in the world, a big old test from the obama administration. nuclear style. and who can forget obama 's 2012 meeting with then russian president? [inaudible] >> they touched and they understood. whoa! why didn't anyone the fbi start investing in president obama for collusion? ignoring, ignoring his obvious reach out to the russians. why did the concern counterintelligence agents within the fbi not open an investigation into one of the greatest benefactors namely, secretary of state hillary clinton.
7:30 pm
she was responsible for the reset of referee relations. all is forgiven, let start a new she said. maneuvering the sale of the s uranium assets to russia. who in turn laundered hundred $50 million into the clinton foundation that became known as the uranium one scandal. that raises the question, is how many agents within the department of justice and the fbi, how many officials will collude with russia and acting full-time against the interest of the united states? it leads us to the question. earning the suggested possible instances of collusion by the clintons, president obama, and their allies and facilitators and the deep state, the justice department and fbi, how is it any more preposterous than those directed now by the radical dimms and the left-wing
7:31 pm
media at the current president of the united states? president donald j trump. we like to hear your thoughts. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. gemina, cory lewandowski, great to have you with us. i couldn't resist. this is just such junk. journalism, it is such specious nonsense by the democrats against a sitting president. i couldn't help but have a little fun with the evidence, without filtering that already exists about democratic collusion. with the russians. what do you think? >> i am shocked. shocked by the news that the mainstream media is going after donald trump for having a conversation with russia. look, let's talk about this for one second for the "washington post" did not cover the jeff bezos divorce -- >> wait a minute he is having a divorce?
7:32 pm
>> this is new news! you will not read about in the "washington post". >> him or his wife? it is community property state, washington, right? >> i think washington will get all the assets. if you read the text message there pretty outrageous. you will see them but look, when the investigation was supposedly opened by the fbi, do you know who opened the investigation? one, andy mccabe, who has not been accused by the ig of lying under oath on separate occasions. fired and who did it turn the investigation over to? one peter strzok became famous for looking into the clinton email scandal and his lover, lisa paige, had an insurance policy against the president here we shouldn't be surprised that this potentially happened. we shouldn't be surprised. there is no one accountable at the fbi. not jim baker, not andy mccabe, no one has been arrested from that organization yet and they should have been walked out of there. >> as you point out, and as we have here numerous times, not a single person retired,
7:33 pm
resigned, fired, relocated, transferred, dismissed, has been accountable for their actions in attacking the president of the united states through the powers of the fbi and the u.s. justice is stunning! >> they move the guy to the human resources department! you know the investigation, after he was accused and found guilty of having an affair with his officemate, they moved into the human resource department and -- >> cells at the hr department must be really up on assignment and critically overstaffed. at this rate, good to see you. come back soon. we will continue to analyze this incredible false narrative. it is stunning! and not one person standing up in the fbi. >> that's right.
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thank you. >> we will be right back. cory lewandowski, come on back soon. we will be back after these quick messages. stick with us. a bigger room?! -how many of you use car insurance? -oh. -well, what if i showed you this? -[ laughing ] ho-ho-ho! -wow. -it's a computer. -we compare rates to help you get the price and coverage that's right for you. -that's amazing! the only thing that would make this better is if my mom were here. what?! an unexpected ending!
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is if my mom were here. but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. >> a federal judge ruled from obama administration official susan rice, ben rhodes, must answer the questions under oath about benghazi terror attacks.
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judicial watch, and the skin whether the 2012 terrorist attacks were a factor in keeping mrs. clinton's emails secret proposed discover hearing will be held at a later date to determine whether hillary clinton and her former chief of staff, cheryl mills, can be deposed and precisely the same way. think about that. we're talking about almost 7 years. seven years! to get answers to questions. during this night, sven matt gates, a member of the house judiciary. and armed services committees. congressman, great to have you with us. i want to, if i did not say this, judge lambert is to be congratulated. for making this decision. i think it is terrible it's taken seven years but thank god we have judges like him to make such decisions. >> mela fortunately, there will not really be accountability here because the prior justice department gave out so many
7:39 pm
immunity deals to hillary clinton and associates. before ever knowing the extent to which they may have been involved in criminal behavior. i think that the opportunity for us to have gotten some real consequence for the people who broke the law, unfortunately, has likely passed because jeff sessions was so slow kind of on the uptake, taking the reins of the department of justice. i have to go back to the last segment on china. >> before that, i've been reduced in this instance. and i am generally pleased by the judge's decision because i would just like to see some scintilla of truth emerge about benghazi. from our official in the united states government. it would be splendid to see. that is how i have worn down over the cost of the past seven years on benghazi. >> we know, is not like this is some great mystery. we still have to solve peer where he had a situation with
7:40 pm
heather clancy was more worried about geopolitical balance than she was about the safety of the americans who were having to ward off a terrible attack in defense of our ambassador and a circumstance that had been erupting for quite some time. it is not like history, we will have some great question as to what occurred. it's just that the people that were engaged in the worst conduct will be held accountable because congress is an inept institution and holding people accountable. >> one comes to mind but we won't go there. you are fascinated by my brilliant interview earlier. >> absolutely, there is an important point here. while the government shutdown president trump still working very hard to make this country richer. one of the ways we can do that and recognizes the realities about china, and the last segment, to have reciprocal trade. it is outrageous to me, lou, china complete 24 percent tariffs on u.s. cars. we put two and half percent
7:41 pm
tariff on the cars coming and internationally here. we don't give our president the authority to immediately put tariffs in other countries, they put tariffs on us. and if we did that, they wouldn't abuse us so much! we'd actually get better trade deals because we would be the laughing stock of the world unwilling to fight back when other countries put the american worker behind the eight ball. >> congressman, i want to give you are a cosponsor of thelegislation, congressman sean duffy with us last night , talk about what had happened to a number of cosponsors right after the koch brothers, the chamber of commerce, the cardinal himself, tom donahue, who is run the chamber figures represent business, big business, multinationals, and the hell with the national interest. congratulations to all of you are giving, working to give the president the tools to deal with these extraordinary trade deficits. people don't even realize what happens to our economic growth rate as a result of those deficits.
7:42 pm
but good for you. >> this president will take them on, lou. the differences president that a republican democrat in the past have been the valet for the special interest in the multi-interest companies. donald trump was elected in spite of the millions of dollars that big business but against him. he has an opportunity to fight for the american worker. when you look at the 2020 election, it will be in pennsylvania, michigan, minnesota, and a lot of people there want a fair shake at putting the best product out into the world without being the laughingstock as a consequence of bad trade deals. reciprocal trade will get the job done. and i'm glad even during the shutdown, this president is fighting for fair, reciprocal trade. >> absolutely! and i think we ought to put point out something. the people who are attacking the president are the u.s. multinationals and business lobbyists. the big companies that own fake
7:43 pm
news, that is the news media. who are attacking the president because he means to go after them and to represent the working man and woman, their families and the middle class of the country. small businessmen and women. and right now, -- i will make a prediction for you. there will be more trump democrats and anyone can possibly imagine by 2020. >> i would love to find a few of them in congress to join us in this bill. because a lot of democrats represent these districts in michigan and pennsylvania and minnesota. what are they going to say to their workers when multinational companies keep trying to offshore jobs and we have got this president were a few republicans playing for the american worker. we could use a few of the pro-trump democrats in congress. >> go to work, congressman, go to work! congressman matt gates, good to have you with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> a bombing kills four americans in president trump calls for the
7:44 pm
u.s. troops to return home. before we go to break, let's take a quick look at the u.s. national debt. as it moves closer to $22 trillion. a reminder to listen to my market reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. we are coming right back. stay with us.
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for a suicide bombing attack in syria. four americans were killed. the attack incurred in syria just over 20 miles from the turkish border. among the dead, two u.s. service members, a civilian defense department employee and a contractor supporting our troops. in kenya the terrorist group, al-shabaab has take responsibility for a terrorist attack on a nairobi hotel in which american jason -- was killed. his family says he survived the 9/11 terrorist attacks at the world trade center. he was 47 years old. the president continues to work tirelessly to end the government shutdown as the dimms party importer vehicle peered over the top! over the weekend -- travel to san juan for the hispanic
7:49 pm
caucus bold winter retreat and bold they were!can we see the picture of menendez? i mean it is just worth a million words right there. let's not -- that's better. with shirt on! every treatment included a screening of the broadway play, hamilton! pretty good. a new caravan now estimated at about 2000 people has left honduras and arrived near the guatemalan border with mexico. the new caravan hoping to reach our border with mexico unlike thousands of migrants from last years caravan. they camped out and remained camped out in shelters in and around tijuana. president trump today reacting to the new caravan. he tweeted this. quote a new caravan heading to this border. tell nancy and chuck a drone flying around will not stop them. only a wall will work.
7:50 pm
only a wall!or steel barrier. to keep our country safe, stop playing political games and end the shutdown. it is not day 25 of the shutdown. the president continues to fight for the $5.7 billion to secure the southern border and make no mistake, walls do work. and other countries all across the world are using them, battling their own influx of migrants were to stave off terrorists. currently there are 65 countries that have completed or have walls under construction.only 16 countries have walls and at the time of the fall of the berlin wall in total, there are at least 77 walls and barriers built worldwide 45 countries have proposals to build border walls and since 2015, more than 100 miles or barriers have been built in europe. in other words, walls work. california's largest utility preparing to pay a hefty price for causing a number of deadly
7:51 pm
wildfires. we take that up and much more. jason chaffetz joins us when we come right back. stay with us. you're gonna love if ythe best of geico.ercials, it's geico's all-time greatest hits back on tv for a limited time. and if you love the best of geico, you're gonna really love voting online for your favorite. you can even enter for a chance to appear in an upcoming geico commercial. this fire's toasty, linda but the best of geico collection sounds even hotter. to vote for your favorite geico ad and enter to win, visit that's
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to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪ >> jeremyjoining me now, jason
7:55 pm
chaffetz. great to have you with us. the present rejecting the suggestion by lindsey graham that he take a holiday from the shutdown. what is going on with lindsey graham? i mean once, he was for the past week, a solid supporter of the president. now suddenly he goes, not only wobbly, but he collapses! with this kind of advice. your thoughts? >> the democrats already went on vacation! and quit showing naked pictures of senator menendez! it is really awful stuff to look at. >> bad optics or bad optics. we bring you the truth as it is! >> yes, sometimes a little too much. >> the democrats listen, the
7:56 pm
president has done everything. he stayed in washington d.c., he showed that he is willing to deal. and i think it is going to break through to the american people. certainly to the federal workers that the president, the republicans want to solve this but we are not going to keep punting national security, not going to keep planting the idea of protecting the nation down the road for three weeks so we can give, that is not the way this is going to work, it is high time we deal with it and the president will do that. >> the present making clear is going to have the wall. or if you will, he still barrier, however, you want to style it, but that wall, the fence is going up so, at this point, is there any way other than declaring a national emergency with the president to get exactly what he's promised the american people? and get it done now? >> i think that you and i differ on this a little bit. worry about declaring a national emergency because of
7:57 pm
the president that it sets. >> president obama did it 12 times! >> and i hated it. it's about time the republicans get over yourselves and understand that this president is not a politician, he is a statesman, a leader of a nation, the free world and he delivers what he promises. and why the hell should you worry about a precedent? we are dealing with a reality. it is a national emergency. there is time for a little tea in crumpet at 4:00 here to have a discussion about, get it done and move it! >> well, that is why he has the bully pulpit, the power the president saying i will not sign the bill unless they send it over. i will not set a precedent with his climate change or whatever it is. [multiple speakers] >> let's worry about precedent.
7:58 pm
here's what i see. we have elected a man that in the first two years has done more than any president elected in modern history. is that a precedent? because of his own every president to follow his precedent. he talks straight to the american people! and by god, there is a national emergency, i want every president to do with this president is doing.declare a dam emergency and deal with it and take the people that want to run off and party with lobbyists in puerto rico, tell them to go to hell! who needs it? those are people that you are worried about? i am not. >> no because i'm a supportive what the president is doing now. i do think he has the authority, some 30 to do that. >> some authority?wait a minute, this is jason chaffetz
7:59 pm
saying, some authority, a more tempered approach? i mean you are back to the tn carpeting. i don't know what crumpet is but i have heard about it. >> no, lou -- actually think we pretty much agree on this issue. the president is holding the line, he is saying he will not sign the bill unless it has money for the border wall. that is the right thing to do but congress needs to go through the appropriation and take the vote and make it happen.and i don't think through an executive order it is the right way to do it. i argued that before and i think it is -- >> and i see that you still feel the same way. and this will not surprise you. i still feel the same way as i do. [laughter] together, i'm sure we will reason together and you will soon see how right i am. >> we both love the wall! and it needs to happen. >> well, we both love the country and there is only one way to save it and that is exactly what the president has said he will do. and that is to get that barrier up and secure these borders.
8:00 pm
straight away. jason, always great to have you with us. even when we disagree just like this. okay. >> you are almost 100 percent right, lou! thank you so much. >> you too, jason chaffetz, always good to talk to. good night from new york. unitedr announcement on the crisis at our southern border and the shutdown. questions swirling as to whether the the is willing to invoke an executive order and declare a national emergency to end the government shutdown. thousands of migrants in the newest caravan head together u.s. crossing into mexico from guatemala totally unchecked. the gates wide open. completely different picture from october when the migrant


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